"Systems help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results predictably."
- Grant Taggart Symposium – 2006 -


How to get started? 

  • First, you simply sign up with our preferred broker for an auto-trading account. Please contact us at markl@predictivefutures.com for assistance with getting setup.

  • Next, determine which system or portfolio of systems you wish to use and the number of contracts or lots you wish to trade.

  • You then need to subscribe to one of our systems by purchasing your monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual subscription from Predictive Futures Management LLC. You may pay with your credit card – or mail us a check – and you may cancel at any time.

  • Once you have set up your account with the broker and subscribed to one or more of our trading systems, we notify your broker of your paid subscription, and your broker begins auto-trading for you.

  • Subscribe today!

  • Questions?   Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  Or for further information, please visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.
Predictive Futures Management LLC provides fully automated trading systems for the futures markets.   Most people are only familiar with trading in the stock market, where, in order to make a profit, a trader must first buy low and then sell at a higher price.  But when trading in the futures market, a trader can not only buy first and sell second (after the market has gone up), but can also sell first and buy second (after the market has gone down)!  Therefore, trading in the futures markets can provide consistent profits, regardless of whether the stock market is going up or down.  It can also provide consistent losses, however. Therefore, many traders use automated trading systems to help give them an edge in their desire to achieve profitability. What is an Automated Trading System?  Automated Trading Systems are pre-programmed formulas embedded in carefully created and back-tested software that automatically generate buy and sell signals. These signals are then converted into trades that are automatically placed for you in a live brokerage account – without any intervention on your part. The brokerage firm hosts our auto-trading system(s) on their servers, and all trades are generated and executed from there to the exchange. There is no software for you to purchase, install, or maintain as everything is taken care of for you, once you are setup. Your broker will provide you with a daily statement (via email) of trades executed. You will also have online access to your account. It is a totally hands-free approach that simplifies your participation in the fast moving Futures Markets.
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